Sauteed Fresh Trout with Rice & Cabbage

Photo courtesy of the IPhone 4S

Tonight I used Fresh Trout I picked up at the farmers market this weekend to make a quick and tasty meal. I don’t really measure out my spices or ingredients that often but I used:

1/2 cup of Rice
1 Trout Fillet
1-2 Diced cloves of garlic
2-4 Diced small/medium Mushrooms
2-3 inches of Green Onion Greens
Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Sunflower or Olive Oil

Begin rice before starting fish so your food is all finished at the same time.

Pour a little bit of oil into a pan, along with garlic, mushrooms and onion greens, all finely chopped.
After the veggies begin to sizzle in the pan, season the fish sparingly with salt, pepper and paprika, and place the fish in the frying pan on top of all the sizzling vegetables.
Turn the stove to medium heat and cook fish till you can poke a sharp knife through the thickest section it with no resistance.
In the same pan, throw some cut up cabbage on the sides of the fish to sautee the cabbage as well.

Once finished, you should have a delicious meal that with good planning, takes between 20-30 minutes to prepare and cook.
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Music listened to while cooking:
One Two Sh*t – A Tribe Called Quest
Selah – Lauryn Hill
Birds of Paradise -Basia Bulat
Love Don’t – Ta’Raach & Blu

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I look forward to posting again soon!


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