Homemade Chicken Soup AKA Jewish Penicillin

Homemade Chicken Soup (AKA Jewish Penicillin)

A Whole Chicken
Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Sage
Crushed Black Pepper

Combine ingredients in large pot.
Cook on med-high for 3 hours or cook on med-low for 5-6
Med-Low turns out better soup, but takes longer obviously.

Once done, strain out broth (keeping the broth course) and let solids cool for 10 minutes or more.

Once cool, remove chicken from bones, and thrown de-boned chicken and vegetables back in the pot with the broth.

Now you have homemade chicken soup to make you better from a cold.

Music Listened-

The Rip Tide- Beirut

Short & Sweet- Esperanza Spalding

Daydreamer- Adele

Blackeyedsusan- José James

33 Fool- Sean Hayes

Go On- Basia Bulat

+ about 80 other songs


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