A Mouth Watering Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been an enigma of a holiday to me. What to do on Memorial Day, everything is open like any other day, but most people have it off as a holiday. On our way home from his cabin up north, my buddy Drew and I received a call from my mom that we were having a little bit of a get together at Mi Casa.

Four hours later, we arrived at my house to the aroma of barbecued ribs and chicken. My dad, fork and spatula in hand, had worked up a sweat carefully tending to ribs and chicken wings that were marinated and seasoned earlier in the day.

As soon as we tasted some of the ribs, Drew headed home for a couple hours before coming back for dinner. I, on the other hand, was integrated into the prep. What initially started as me helping prepare the meal at hand quickly led to my addition of two more dishes to the feast at hand.

First, I made a variation of Sweet Potato Salad, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to make, because it is simple, extremely flavorful and very easy to adapt to your ingredients on hand.  I’ve posted several pictures of this much more colorful and mayo-less rendition of the potato salad, and my next post will include a recipe.

Second, I made Arugula Vegan Burgers for our vegetarian guests and anyone else who wanted one. This was my first attempt at making a veggie burger and it was a huge success. The patties were well seasoned with basil, garlic and ginger to add a bit of a kick. Although, I don’t use recipes very often and follow them even less when I do, I used a recipe from a recipe book “Wild Flavors” and only substituted one ingredient.

Overall, this Memorial Day was one my more memorable experiences of the holiday, as I spent it with my best friends and family. Not to mention that the food was exquisite and made with care. Between the pasta salad, potato salad, leftover meat and grilled vegetables, I’ve barely cooked any food all week, because I’ve been munching on leftovers anytime my stomach starts to feel empty. These past two weeks have been a great way to start summer and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the month of June.

In my next post (maybe later tonight), I’ll go into detail how I made these delicious looking veggie burgers and potato salad!



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