Wild Mushroom Risotto

Tonight I threw together a mushroom risotto using fresh shitake mushrooms to make a delicious meal for my family.

Using this simple risotto formula:

5 Cups Warm Chicken Stock

White Wine Sherry



1 lb Fresh Shitake Mushrooms

1.5 Cups of Arborio Rice


Grated Parmesan Cheese

Fresh Chopped Parsley



1. Sauté Onion and garlic cloves in butter until they start to lightly brown.

2. Add rice and about 2 cups of warm chicken stock in addition to a sprinkle of salt and pepper

3. While the rice begins to simmer, chop the washed shitake mushrooms and cook with butter and garlic until soft.

4. Continue to add chicken stock ladle by ladle every time the risotto seems to be low on fluid for about 30 minutes.

5. Once you have used all the stock, splash some white wine sherry or white wine in the risotto and mix in the cook mushrooms as well as a little bit of cream.

6. After the fluid has become integrated into the rice and the grains are soft, mix in a generous serving of grated parmesan cheese and garnish with chopped parsley and individual whole sautéed mushrooms.


Voila, you have a delicious risotto ready to eat or pretty enough to look at.

Music/Podcasts listened to:

The XX album

This American Life Episode 381


All in all dinner included roasted  vegetables (potatoes, carrots, green beans and onions seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper), sirloin steak braised in a tomato and red wine sauce with fresh rosemary, thyme, parsley and garlic, in addition to the risotto.

Next up, creamy asparagus soup


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