Springing into Action

After a seemingly endless winter, I am (safely?) assuming spring is here.

With spring comes a return to fresh, local produce and farmer’s markets populated with old farmers, young farmers, wannabe farmers, hipsters, foodies, families and everyone else in between.

I probably fall somewhere in between wannabe  farmer and foodie/hipster. As a result, my vegetable gardens are entering their third full year in action and it gets more exciting every year. A few of the foods I’m growing include: asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, beans (purple, yellow and green/purple), beets, carrots and many others [including flowers].

Now that I have been working full time for almost three months, I cherish my time in the garden more than I did when I would spend all day with my hands in the dirt. Racing home [on the bus] to plant my veggies is on my mind as the end of each day approaches, and when I change out of my work clothes, I realize I’ve planted all I have and can walk around my garden and examine all the small indistinguishable plants that are shooting for the skies.

Gardening and cooking are both very important metaphors for how I look at life. Cooking is the art of working with your ingredients to reach their potential as well as yours, an artful dance around the kitchen as you find another avenue to express your creativity. I see gardening as an exercise of patience and the acceptance that some things are beyond your control. This year, I’m continuing my effort of gardening without chemicals and creating a space that’s attractive for birds, insects and animals. While I look forward to eating my homegrown veggies, I’m more excited to watch things around me grow. Whether they’re plants, people or changes in the dirt, I know I grow with them. I’ll be at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, recharging my creative cooking instinct as well as looking for new ideas of what to grow.

Control vs. Squirrels

Bees don’t discriminate between squash and dandelions.

But Squirrels prefer your squash.


More food posts will come in the next couple days, I just have to relieve my camera of the 100 food pictures it has been so laboriously holding in.


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