Fourth of July Food Links

This post is a compilation of some recipes I’ve tried out and the pictures that followed.

Beetroot & Avocado Decadent Chocolate Cake

Although this sounds a bit odd, the result is fantastic, because beets are really just sugar, while avocados add to the smooth texture of the cake. I found this recipe on a fellow food blog, who happens to be vegan, along with this recipe (although I did substitute butter for margarine). This recipe is ingredient intensive, and requires a shopping list, unless you feel like improvising.

Beetroot Cake link!!!!


Rhubarb & Rocket Quinoa Salad

Rhubarb Salad and other sweet-sour recipes 🙂

I found this fresh quinoa salad on NPR and was drawn to it, due to my affinity for Rhubarb in recent weeks. Due to the use of rhubarb, arugula and mint, this salad is very refreshing on a hot day, which can’t always be said for grain-based salads.


Single Pot Pasta

No explanation necessary, just click on the link.

One Pot Wonder


I have some Maltese recipes and a certain Watermelon Gazpacho I made on Fourth of July, that I’ll add later.




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