Back up to July 4th: Watermelon Gazpacho

I’ve fallen behind in my blog posts during my travels, but I hope to catch up in the next couple days.

I received a lot of requests about the recipe I used to make watermelon gazpacho.

Here is the Link to the Gazpacho recipe, however I made a number of changes listed below:

Watermelon GazpachoI subtracted the:

– Fresh Dill

– Fresh Feta

I added:

+ Fresh Mint

+ Fresh Basil

+ Chili Pepper

+ Juice of 2 Limes

I also put the pot of gazpacho in the freezer for an hour before serving to chill it a little, since it was about 85 degrees out.

This is a very flexible recipe, so you can experiment with it all you want!

Overall, this recipe was very tasty although more like a martini than gazpacho (according to a friend). I think I overblended the watermelon mixture, so I added roughly chopped chunks of watermelon, which added much needed texture and garnished with fresh cut basil and mint.

The most labor intensive part of this recipe is picking out all the seeds. So take that into account if you cannot find a seedless melon.

The first group of students has been gone a week, and  I’ve taken a little bit of a rest in the kitchen. as we’ve cut back on the food we’ve bought. Frankly, I needed a little bit of a break after cooking for so many people for 3 straight weeks.


Here are a couple of dishes I made over the last couple weeks and a dinner picture from the last night on the roof.

IMG_1245 _DSC0267

I’ll post about my recent trip to Sicily in the next couple days.

Finally, enjoy some nice reggae ska to sit back and relax to:

Eat Well,



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