My name is Ray and I’m a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I had the privilege to study Anthropology, and am passionate regarding environmental issues ranging from sustainable food systems, rainforest preservation and food security, among others. Travel is also a hobby of mine, as you may already know from reading my travel log from Spain and Malta. I’m also a huge advocate of University Slow Food Chapters and the impact they can have on campus food culture and surrounding communities. I had the opportunity to intern with Slow Food-UW as a cooking teacher at Boys and Girls Clubs, and have met Slow Food representatives from other Universities across the U.S. Local food movements, engaging people of all creeds, colors and economic backgrounds get me excited as well.

During the summer I like to grow my own organic vegetables, using companion planting to increase my plants productions. Currently, I’m also brewing my own beer with a friend, so keep an eye out for posts on beer brewing. I try to be eco-conscious when choosing my food by thinking about the journeys my food goes on to get to my belly.

All in all, I love slowing down my everyday life to cook and experiment with different kinds of food. So I hope you enjoy my tidbits about food, cooking and life in general. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.


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