A Little Bit of Turkey with My Pie

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a pretty consistent process and recipe for a sweet, savory, moist, and crispy turkey. With that said, this post really isn’t about turkey. If you’re interested in my pumpkin pie, or turkey recipe, click here! I’m here to talk about pie. This year we stuck to two pies, and I… Continue reading A Little Bit of Turkey with My Pie

Cinnamon-Chocolate “Babkallah”

A couple weeks ago I found this interesting recipe at bon appétit, which combines two traditional Jewish breads, challah, and babka. Immediately, I drooled at the thought of braiding chocolate and cinnamon filled rolls of dough, baking them until the outside was crispy and the inside dripped with chocolate, and dipping them into coffee, slice… Continue reading Cinnamon-Chocolate “Babkallah”