Single Pan Braised French(ish) Mustard Chicken with Fresh Parsley

There is a certain splendorĀ in making a one-pan dinner, a beauty hinged on the assumed simplicity, but dependent on the correct ordering of cooking. Like many of the things I cook [and advocate cooking], I am a huge fan of improvisation. Like jazz, there is something innately pleasing from melding a handful of separate ingredients… Continue reading Single Pan Braised French(ish) Mustard Chicken with Fresh Parsley

Cider Marinade for Chicken

On Friday afternoon, I wandered my way into the Central Meat Market, a local butcher, for the first time. Although it was 5 p.m. on the eve of independence day, there was no line curving out the door, or any shortage of good looking meat. While there were very affordable cuts of beef, and pork,… Continue reading Cider Marinade for Chicken

A Plate of Leftover Food

Recently, I dove into the thousands and thousands of pictures that occupy a good portion of my computer’s memory, and found a found a couple of pictures that represent my daily experiences with food over the last two to three months. While this post contains no instruction, or recipe, don’t worry! There will be more… Continue reading A Plate of Leftover Food